Saturday, December 18, 2010


My proselyting shoes after going home from
 my full-time mission - DEC 17, 2007
I was browsing on my FB nang mapansin ko ang ang date sa lower right ng windows ko. It was dated 12/18/2010. Ibig sabihin kahapon ang isa sa pinakahistorical day ng aking biography.

Hindi ko agad naalala kahapon dahil kasalukuyan ako noong nasa dorm naiinip at naghihintay ng mga cancellations ng lakad ko para makauwi na sa Antipolo. Oo nga pala, sa mga ganitong pagkakataon hindi ko maiwasang mag reminisce, lalo na't malamig ang hangin. Kasabay kasi ng bawat ihip ng hangin ang mga ala-ala, masaya at malungkot na ala-ala. Malayo man ang pagitan at malaki man ang pinagkaiba, saan man ako makarating at ano man ang meron sa kin ngayon at sa mga darating na araw, palagi ko pa ring maalala ang araw na yon.

Monday, November 01, 2010

True Colors

For whatever reason, this video brought tears in my eyes. Seriously.

Cyndi Lauper - True Colors lyrics

You with the sad eyes
don't be discouraged
oh I realize
it's hard to take courage
in a world full of people
you can lose sight of it all
and the darkness inside you
can make you fell so small.

But I see your true colors
shining through
I see your true colors
and that's why I love you
so don't be afraid to let them show
your true colors
true colors are beautiful
like a rainbow.

Show me a smile then
don't be unhappy, can't remember
when I last saw you laughing
if this world makes you crazy
and you've taken all you can bear
you call me up
because you know I'll be there.

And I'll see your true colors
shining through
I see your true colors
and that's why I love you
so don't be afraid to let them show
your true colors
true colors are beautiful
like a rainbow.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Now I can tell the story.
The ADPR 4-1N with sir Neo (on the left)
First Saturday of this month, me and my current classmates were just suddenly taken from a far off place we didn't even know where exactly it is. Some said its Bulacan, some said it was Caloocan. Our professor sir Neo had asked us to be part on his client's TV Commercial shoot for "Redbull". Sir Neo was once a 4th year student of Advertising and Public Relations while I started as a Freshman in PUP-Manila way back 2004. Right now, he came back as one of the part-time professors in our department and is currently our instructor for Retail Advertising and Promotion and Seminar on Advertising Trends and Issues.

The production team made us additional people for the TVC doing simple routine like walking, walking and walking, which was, as we found out later on, the major concept of the campaign. Though our effort was free of charge, the prod team made our stay as comfortable as possible by providing us food, snacks and shuttle service. They even promised to be our major sponsor if ever we would be organizing any event in the future, something that's like a music in our ears. Hehehe.

The shoot was held on an empty industrial plant. It was directed by Joel Limchoc under PostManila. Limchoc is also an Executive Creative Director of BBDO GO, one of the biggest advertising agencies in the country. Prior to joining the agency, he spent seven years at JWT Manila where he worked on Unilever and Ford. The project Redbull "Walk" TVC started airing the 3rd week of July on some UHF channels like Studio 23 and on cable networks as well. We were forbidden to post or upload our shoot photos until the time the commercial began airing.
You can check out the TVC below and see if you can find us! Hahaha.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ortigas & Company Sportsfest 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I came to work with the people from Ortigas and Company Limited Partnership (OCLP), Greenhils site. OCLP is one of country's major realty and property developers managed by Ortigas siblings. They own the well-known Ortigas Center, Greenhills Shopping Center and other business and property establishments across NCR. 

This is the first time OCLP organized a major sporting event for their employees and a part of that event is the cheerdance competition. I was asked by Ms. Veron Atienza, a churchmate and a former admin officer of Ayala Co. to help them with their presentation. Backed with my little experience in dancing (ohaa..) and somewhat talent, (ehemm) I agreed with the invitation. We took 2-3 practices per week, that's Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The YELLOW TEAM was so eager to join and win the competition. I just gave basic steps to choreograph the presentation with a little touch of remix and techno with no major aerial exhibitions since their capacity limits that. And it was fun!

Yellow Team with the OCLP big bosses on the center.
We did have a great time organizing their cheerdance presentation and they were so excited about it. Greenhills peeps are very kind and accommodating, and their optimism and energy became their major assets which eventually made them the champion for the said competition. July 10, the finale, which was held at an open covered court in Circulo Verde Libis (where you can find the famous ZIP LINE, higher and longer than that in Tagaytay), we were the first team to showcase the cheer and even though there were minimal lapses during the presentation, the entire show is still extravagant! Hahaha. We've heard that the other team even got their DI from the FEU Pep Squad but that did not make any difference to the competition. 

I think is a great experience. I also thank the Greenhills General Manager, Ma'm Kathy for her kindness and active participation. Four days after, they got some kind of  victory celebration at the Family KTV along Greenhills strip and I was glad they invited me to join the fun. Hehehe. I will post the video and other photos as soon as I receive my copy.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

34th National Milo Marathon

More than two weeks ago, I was glad I became a part of one of the biggest races in the country, the 34th National Milo Marathon. Together with my college friends we did have a lot of fun-fun-fun and sweat-sweat-sweat on the early morning of July 4 as we travel the 5-Kilometer Run along Roxas Blvd. We've been hearing and seeing ads of Milo Marathon before and it was such a nice decision to join this kind of wonderful event. Organized with an advocacy to provide pairs of running shoes for unfortunate children, 28 331 participants joined the event making it the largest number of participants in the Milo Marathon history! 

Some said that the previous Milo Marathons is not offering 5KM run and only providing 10KM for adult runners that's why most people already thought the run is for professional runners only. Well, perhaps this time is different. Since they have open the 5-Kilometer run, this opened a chance for the public to participate from any physical capacity they may have. I saw a lot of people from almost all walks of life wearing same concept siglets (Milo shirt for registered runners). From kids to seniors, everyone is wearing that smile which came from the feeling of accomplishing certain distance. Some are families. Some are friends. Some are pairs or couples. And some are running alone.

Like a diversity of people who participated in the race, everybody has their own purpose of joining the event. Me and my college friends went on the race actually not to give pairs of shoes for children, though we knew that a percentage of our registration fee of Php 100 would eventually be given for the cause. Hahaha. Its just so being honest. I dont think that all 27,600 participants had that motivation in mind. To be frank, we went on the race merely to get together and have fun. Hahaha. Well, Milo Fanpage admin agreed with us. He said through a post on one of our uploaded photos on the fanpage:

Thanks Alexander! We are very glad that for some people, this event can also be a venue for bonding among friends. 
And he is so so right. We're not even aware that the race has its time limit. Hehehe. So unfortunately and technically none our group has successfully completed the 5-KM race on time. This is because we started out late. Some of us (me not included) arrived 45 minutes late from the gun start for 5KM run. After the time limit of I think 60 minutes, the finish line got closed for other runners and we're one of them. Well, its not really sad for us. We did have a lot of good times there. I even met new friends online after the race like Carl Sanvictores, an IT Practioner from Quezon City.

And so here are some of our captured moments.

Excitement raised as the clock nearly strike 6:00AM for 5KM runners.

Sympre photo opts muna while waiting for our friends who subsequently arrived late.

Well friends, this Eira, currently working in an advertising firm in Ortigas. This photo is taken before we started running the 5KM race. None of us had noticed that the siglet she's wearing was on the other way around. After running like 3.5KM, a comical runner named ZORRO went on her and said, "Yung suot mo, baligtad." 

Hahahahaha! LOL.
People from different background went on running while sweating out loud.

Its a nice way of spending a quality weekend morning. Di ka naman pipilitin tumakbo all through out. There are marshalls along the route though mahirap sila ma-identify 'cause they're also wearing same colored shirts as runners.

Tony Gonzaga, one of the celebrity runners, said that one thing that inspired her to continue running are the small kids who unstoppably enjoying the race without any mark of doubt.
Nestle PureLife water was distributed for all runners during the race.

As we went on the alternate route to get to the other side of the event area (since the finish line had been closed already), there we met Ms. Donna Cruz who ran the 21KM race (as confirmed by Carl). She is so accommodating that she let everyone took a photo whenever they recognizes her.

Tony G., Karylle and Gerald Anderson are the celebrities present on the event. Afterwhich, a cheerdance competition for elementary and high school division followed.

A lot of MILO Mock-ups were scattered on the Quirino Grandstand ground allowing runners to get cool pics with MILO Products.

A huge thumbs up for the staff and organizers of 34th National Milo Marathon for Manila Leg for a historical race!

Ito si ZORRO, isang nakakatuwang participant ng race na siya ring nakapansin sa baligtad na siglet ni Eira. It is said that Zorro has been around on some races and is usually found running along UP Diliman.

Participants from PUP-Manila Advertising and PR alumni. Kami yan! Except me, hindi pa ko alumni. Hehehe.

My college friend Pearl Dela Cruz with Coach Rio Dela Cruz, known as the running guru because of sharing his science-based approach to training, backed by two decades worth of experience as a competitive athlete. Coach Rio is often seen on race events. You can check him out at

Well, what makes the marathon a failure on the other hand is the unpreparedness of the organizers for some issues like runners who are obviously cheating the race and most of all, the freaking catastrophe in the baggage area where they only built 2 tents for over 28, 000 participants. It took 2-3 hours for my friend to retrieve their bags.

Sympre again, after the event, nagutom kami. Hindi naman kasi nakakabusog ang tubig ng Nestle PureLife at ang free Milo na parang lalo ka lang uuhawin sa konte. We hurriedly went to SM Manila for some Inasal epxerience. =)

Though the event is a success in general sense, there have been issues that arouse after the race like the sudden death of Mr. Remus Fuentes 2 days after the event (click here for the entire story). MILO Official Response about the incident click here. There are also rumors that the organizers were unable to control runners who are cheating on the race click here.   *Remus photo courtesy of 

It is really sad to hear stories like that. But we all have to learn a lesson from this. After all, for the general participants, the 34th National Milo Marathon is still a race to remember from whatever angle we want it to perceive. Still, kudos for the both staff and participants. 


Let us just continue the race of life, like what I have heard from Ms. Tony, life is like a race... we need to continue running whatever hurdles we would encounter along the way because there is always a finish line for those who pursue the journey. Habang tumatakbo, dun ko na-realize kung bakit may print na KAYA MO YAN! sa likod ng mga siglet.

PS: Just got a question. Is Coach Jim Saret 
MSAT, PES, SAQ, CAPT, M.S. Athletic Training/Sports Medicine/ Performance Enhancement Specialist /Speed and Conditioning Coach a mormon? He's a graduate of Brigham Young University kasi.

Monday, June 07, 2010

RARELY SHOCKED! An Interview With Lady Gagita

One of the hippest and coolest sensations these days is here on MgaDakilangAraw!

It's so humbling to know that despite of his schedule, YouTube phenomenon Vinzon Leojay Booc, much well known as Lady Gagita was able to answer my few questions this morning. Born in the city of Davao, this Mass Communication student is able to entertain the new generation with his unique charm by creating and posting parody videos of his hollywood glam rock idol Lady Gaga via YouTube. And take note, those videos are not another set of ordinary trying hard make-funny-for-online-popularity parodies BUT are highly creative and hilarious footages!

I am one of those people who unstoppably got a LOL factor when I initially saw his ever famous video Telephone shared by one of my classmates on Facebook. Its really a huge and entertaining laugh trip particulary when I learned that the entire parody was made out from over-here-and-over-there crap and the performance, continuity and specially the editing are so so so impressive! Not mentioning the production design that visually tells the reality of most us. Vinzon started posting home-made videos on his YouTube channel vinzonleojay2009 mid-year of 2009. That time he was trying to imitate Beyonce, singer of the hit single Single Lady. Though he had some previous print media exposures such as in Philippine Star right after a few weeks of uploading the Telephone Parody, Vinzon's first tv appearance on Kapuso Mo Jessica Sojo (GMA 7) became like the official start and a go signal for his showbiz career. By then, along with Haronce (Harold in real life) began guesting to several TV shows on GMA 7 which made them decide to stay in Manila for a while. Pictorials, attending events, media interviews, shootings and a little bit of furlough are just a few things that keep him and Haronce busy nowadays.

How are you today? How's your schedule doing?
 -I'm fine. Great. Getting ready for tomorrow's shoot for the mysterious secret video before Paparazzi's release.

Out of all hollywood pop stars, what makes you decide to impersonate Lady Gaga? How did it change your life?
-Actually, I decided to become Lady Gaga when I was really hopeless being a Beyonce impersonator, which was not really recognized indeed. I shifted on becoming Lady Gaga who stunned me because of her fashion sense, so I decided to be her. She changed my life with a wink of an eye, and with my effort too.

There are lots of parody makers and YouTube sensations on the internet particularly on the local scene, what do you think is the main reason why your MV Telephone became popular? How do you separate you music videos from the rest?
-The reason why my video was unique with the others, is because of its Pinoy taste, where I really used the method of being resourceful and using the power of improvisation. Most parodies on Youtube changed their lyrics and used hi-tech equipment, which is in contrast with my video.

Speaking of your Telephone Parody, how long did it take for you to complete the video? How much did you spend for it?
-It took a week for us to make the whole video. 3 days for the shooting, and 3 days for the editing (5 hours/day). We did not spend a lot for the video, actually it's a zero budget production, the only stuff we spent for is the computer rental on an internet cafe for the editing.

Its seems that you are starting to feel the reality of showbiz since youre beginning to have tv exposures, photo shoots and some controversies (i think), how do you handle these?
-Rarely shocked! Those stuff were really new to me right now. I may not handle this status because of my immaturity in the world of showbiz, but some advices im receiving from my showbiz friends urge me to earn more determination.

I think you've already heard about the "anti-lady gagita fb page", what can you say about that? What can you say to those peeps out there who try to question your identity as impersonater?
-I'm glad they made it, because they are just making me more popular. I even asked myself why would this dudes hate me for becoming an impersonator which they know that I'm only a parody maker?

What are your future plans? Are going to pursue your career today or get on studies first?-As for now, I sacrificed the coming semester for my showbiz career. But on the next semester, im planning to go straight back to Davao to continue my study.

What do your parents have to say about the phenomenon you created?
-They were speechless. They didn't expect that my craziness would lead me to showbizness. Actually, they don't really like what I'm doing. But then the promise (my goal to become a star) I told them was now granted.

Can you give me the hardest, as in super hardest part of being a Lady Gagita? How about the happiest part?
-The hardest part of being Gagita: the wigs, the make-ups and the whole disguise. The happiest part: Being a well-known Youtube star.

Define love. Define crush.
-Love takes time, it doesn't need to be in a hurry. Crush is an attraction at first sight.

Can you give me one surprising secret that you havent told on any of your interviews or appearances?
-The next video (before Paparazzi) I'm releasing is very mysterious as of now. Thus, many fans are asking what is it, and it is "Teeth."

Just like what he said, Lady Gagita is currently working on his next projects including the upcoming music video TEETH. Though he still waiting and wishing for a chance to meet the real mother monster of hollywood, we will still be entertained by the glam and wit he's giving. And while his Telephone Parody is now earning an amazing 2 million views to date, Lady Gagita with Haronce, is a proof and a benchmark that Filipino talent, creativity and resourcefulness is worth recognizing and a story to be told.

Photos courtesy of Vinzon Leojay Booc.
Minor edits considered.
You can also view the Telephone Offical Parody Video here on MgaDakilangAraw. Click on the Video Page tab on top of this blog.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Bahagi ng bawat ginagawang pelikula ang ipasa ito sa Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) para sa approval for public exhibition at rating. At kasama ang aming Production Manager sa Sinehan Digitales, Inc. nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon upang tumambay sa tanggapan ng isa sa mga pinakakilalang ahensya ng gobyerno, ang MTRCB.

Ang "HABA ng Segundo, Minuto, Oras, Araw, Gabi at Panahon" ni direk Cris Pablo ay kamakailang na-rated X dahil sa ilang eksena at tema na di umano pumasa sa guidelines ng MTRCB. Matapos ang mga cuts at deletion ng ilang mga eksena ay muling binalikan ng Sinehan Digitales ang MTRCB para sa panibagong review. Malakas ang tensyon ng kasama ko dahil kinabukasan na mismo ang nakatakdang showing ng naturang pelikula.

Matapos ang maghapong paghihintay ay na-apruban naman ang pelikula at pumasa sa rating na Rated-18. Nauna ko nang napanood ang HABA habang ine-edit palang ito. Pero malaki ang pinagkaiba ng naunang cut sa version na ipinasa ng MTRCB. Sinasabing mahigpit ang MTRCB pagdating sa pag-review ng mga maseselang eksena ng isang pelikula. Pero madalas hindi naman ganoon ang kalakaran. Napansin ko na hindi balanse kadalasan ang paghatol sa ibat-ibang pelikula. Minsan depende sa board member na nagre-review. Minsan depende sa kredibilidad o kapit ng director na gumawa. Minsan ay internal factor naman. 

Narito ang quicktrip sa unang pagkakataon ko na langhapin ang masarap na aircon ng MTRCB.

Ang lounge or waiting area.

1:37PM Sign up muna for guest and visitors.

Ito ang screening room. Kasalukuyang nire-review ang FACE TO FACE Ep 43: KASALANG NABULILYASO, DAHIL SA PANGAKONG NAPAKO!
2:58PM Ang Cooperative Store (na akala namin ay magtatawid ng aming gutom, pero nangangarap lang pala kami).

Isang malaking wall window. Para makatipid ng kuryente sa araw.

4:14PM Nire-review na uli ang pelikula. Kabado ang lola mo. Tatlong beses inulit ang bala. Ang dasal ay naway wag ng ma-X ang pelikula dahil bukas na ang showing. Pag di pa rin na-apruban, tyak maba-ban ang SDI sa mga cinema houses.
5:56PM Luckily, sa dami ng cuts, nakalusot na rin. Nagpapa-authenticate at dry seal ng Permit for Public Exhibition.
6:01PM Natapos ang maghapon na may ngiti sa labi ang aming Production Manager. Matagumpay na maipapalabas ang HABA kinabukasan.

Ang Haba ng segundo, minuto, oras, araw, gabi at panahon starring Joeffrey Javier,Chamyto Aguedan at Jeff Luna ay showing na today (habang pinopost ko ito) sa Robinsons Galleria, Isetann Recto, Remar cinema cubao at Colon Cinema Cebu. Directed by Cris Pablo under Sinehan Digitales Inc.

PS: Hindi ako nakapagpa-picture sa Chairman na si Laguardia. Kailangan pa daw ng letter dahil hindi naman daw siya public figure para basta-basta lang picturan ayon sa distribution namin na suki na ng MTRCB. Anu daw? Ewan ko kung totoo yun. Mabilis na pumasok si Chairman sa kanyang office pagkadating niya at hindi na muling lumabas.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

PAC-MAN: A Legend. An Icon.

Today marks the 30th anniversary release of PAC-MAN computer game. It is universally considered as a legend and an icon of video-computer games. 

PAC-MAN was developed by Namco and became a popular arcade game on 1980s. It was primarily developed by a young Namco employee Tōru Iwatani, over a year, beginning in April 1979. The original title was pronounced pakku-man and was inspired by the Japanese onomatopoeic phrase paku-paku taberu, where paku-paku describes (the sound of) the mouth movement when widely opened and then closed in succession.

PAC-MAN has been awarded by Guinnes World Records as THE MOST SUCCESFUL COIN-OPERATED GAME and more.

Nintendo, Sony PS3 and Xbox creators and players should pay tribute to PAC-MAN arcade game, the Michael Jackson of virtual gaming.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

REVIEW: Here Comes The Bride

HERE COMES THE BRIDE is a milestone on Philippine comedy entertainment! So far it is one of the funniest comedy films I saw recently following the degree of Kimi Dora and Dead Na Si Lolo. Here Comes The Bride under Quantum FIlms is said to be produced as an independent film but due to reported budget issue, Star Cinema together with OctoArts co-produced the film making it a complete project. 

Here Comes The Bride is a story about freak accident that causes five very different people to swap souls right before a big wedding. As the five try to figure things out and return to their bodies, they quickly learn to appreciate looking at life from a very different perspective.

The casting is powerful and direk Chris Martinez was able to provide equal exposure for the five main characters without overshadowing each other. The cast performed so nicely that you can barely identify who is who. Angelica Panganiban who posses the soul of John Lapus did an awesome performance for the role with a gripping and top to bottom film language. Of course Eugene Dominggo contributed a marvel of comic feat for the entire film. Personally it is always a huge attraction for me see Eugene Dominggo in a film. Her performance in Here Comes the Bride, as usual, is superb and a laught-out-loud thing! Putting additional mix of Kuya Kim, Cherry Pie and other stars like the bride's hunk husband-to-be make, it a complete fiesta summer comedy! 

When I took the tickets from the booth I expected the price to be like around 130-140 since one of my friends told me that it only cost such. I was surprised when my 300 Pesos didnt fit for two people. But afterall, it was really a fun experience seeing a high quality mainstream like this. I really cant say any negative feedback about the film. There were no dull moments and its noticing that the plot has been carefully created and the production design is a hardwork. 
Sabi nga ni Angelica Panganiban mula sa katauhan ni John Lapus, ACHIEVE NA ACHIEVE! =D

Here Comes The Bride is still showing on SM Cinemas and Robinsons Movieworld.

Special thanks to

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Antipolo 2010

Dumaan na ang eleksyon. Nag-iwan ng ibat-ibang damdamin sa mga tao, sa mga taong bayan, sa publiko. Kanya-kanyang kampihan, kanya-kanyang alyansa. Pero sa totoo lang, hindi madaling gumawa ng opinyon tungkol sa pulitika. Sa panahon ng halalan, nahahati-hati ang bayan. Nagkakaroon ng kampihan at nagdudulot ng ibat-ibang sentimento. Natural na yon. Simula palang sa kasaysan ng Pilipinas, nagiging diversified ang bansa pagdating sa panahon ng botohan. At sa pagkakataong ito, sa kasamaang palad, nagkaroon ako ng opinyon.

Hindi naman ako fanatic ni dating Mayor Angelito C. Gatlabayan (ACG), pero lumaki ako sa bayan ng Antipolo na siya ang kinamulatan kong alkalde. Mula 1998-2007, nagsilbing pinuno ng bayan ng Antipolo si ACG at tatlong beses nahalal sa ganoong pwesto. Ito yung mga panahon na pa-graduate ako sa Juan Sumulong Elementary School patungong highschool sa Antipolo National High School. Hanggang sa tumuntong ako sa kolehiyo, ang tatlong letra pa rin na ACG ang nakikita ko sa paligid ng sinilangan kong bayan. Sa madaling sabi, sa panahon na umusbong ang kamalayan ko sa mga bagay-bagay ay siya ring panahon na nasaksihan ko ang pagbabago sa munting bayan ng Antipolo. Mula sa mga panahon na madilim pa ang mga lansangan at iisa palang ang Jolibee sa bayan, sa bawat araw na umuuwi ako mula sa eskwelahan, napansin ko ang dahan-dahang paggalaw ng aming simpleng siudad. 

Sa panahon ni ACG, nadagdagan ng 18 secondary schools ang Antipolo. Ang mga dating extension lamang ay naging mga independent national high schools. Nagkaroon din ng URS branch sa may gilid ng Unciano Hospital, ito ang kauna-unahang state university na nakarating sa Antipolo. Dumagsa din ang mga covered courts at ayon sa naitala ay 52 ang lahat ng ito. Nagsulputan din ang mga daycare centers, multi-purpose buildings, baranggay halls, health centers, lumawak ang mga kalsada sa upper and lower Antipolo, nagkaroon ng ilaw ang mga lansangan tulad ng sa zigzag, pumasok ang turismo at naging bahagi din ako ng SUMAKAH Festival na inilaban sa national competition na gaya ng Aliwan, nagsulputan din ang mga business establishments gaya ng Max, Shopwise, National Bookstore, ilang branches ng Mercury Drugstore at iba pa. Umusbong narin ang mga realty corporations gaya ng Maia Alta at Avida dahilan upang lalong lumaki ang populasyon ng bayan mula around 400,000 noong 1997 na ngayon ay nasa humigit kumulang 800,000 ayon sa huling bilang noong 2007. Sa pagdami ng tao ay dumami din ang oportunidad ng kabuhayan at employment dahilan upang lumakas ang kita ng pumapasok na buwis. Sa panahong ding ito umigting ang seguridad ng bayan at nagkaroon ng isang malaking piitan sa may Baranggay San Jose. At dahil sa masidhing pagnanais ni ACG na makapag aral ang lahat ng kabataan sa Antipolo, ipinatupad niya ang libreng edukasyon para sa basic years of education. Ibigsabhin, naging libre ang matrikula pati mga gamit sa eskwela. Naalala ko pa nun na ginagawa lang naming songhits at autograph book ang mga notebook ni ACG. At mga bag naman na ipinamimigay ay ginagamit lang ng mga tatay ng estudyante. Medyo baduy kasi. Hehe. Sa ganitong adhikain apat na beses kinilala si Mayor Lito Gatlabayan bilang Most Outstanding Mayor of the Philippines in Literacy ni Pangulong GMA. Katuwang naman ang kanyang asawang si Josefina Gatlabayan, kinilala ang Antipolo bilang Cleanest & Greenest Component City in the Philippines Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran ni PGMA at ng DENR noong 2005.

Tinamad na kong isama ang iba pang pagkilala at tagumpay na natamo ng bayan ng Antipolo sa panahon ni ACG. So ibigsabhin, ito ay ilan lamang sa mga bagay na kapansin-pansin na naganap sa Antipolo City. May mga nagsasabi na natural lamang at dapat lang naman talagang mangyari ang mga bagay na ito dahil tatlong beses ba namang naluklok si ACG. Sa ganitong konklusyon, malinaw na si ACG ay isang Working Mayor. Gumalaw ang Antipolo. Ako mismo ay buhay na saksi sa paggalaw na iyon. Wala naman akong personal na ugnayan kay dating Mayor at hindi rin naman ako nagtrabaho sa munisipyo o nagsilbi bilang government employee sa anomang paraan. Ni hindi ako nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na maka-kwentuhan man lang si ACG. Pero nagsasalita ako bilang isang pangkaraniwang indibidwal na nakasaksi ng positibong kaganapan sa sarili kong bayan. Sabihin na nating, pagkilala lamang ito. At walang sino man ang makakapagsabi sa kin na hindi umunlad ang bayan ng mga panahong yun.

Kaya nga nagulat ako nang sumakabilang buhay si Hon. Vic Sumulong at humalili sa pwesto si Leyble, ay parang naiba ang lahat. Isang mabuting tao naman si Mayor Nilo Leyble ayon sa opinyon ng ilang tao na nakatrabaho siya. Bago dumating ang eleksyon, nakiusap si Leyble kay ACG na siya muna ay bigyang pagkakataong tumakbo bilang Mayor. Sa pakiusap na ito, hiniling ni Leyble na manatili muna sa kongreso si ACG. Ang layunin umano ni Leyble ay upang hindi magwatak-watak ang bayan ng Antipolo at nang hindi sila magkasagupa sa eleksyon. Hindi ko na alam ang sumunod na nangyari. Pero nagsilabasan ang mga balita tungkol sa pagbaligtad ng mga dating supporters ni ACG partikular ang hanay ng mga kababaihan mula sa AGLA (Antipolo Green Ladies Association) na nawalan ng programa sa panahon ni Sumulong. Karamihan umano sa mga kasapi ng nasabing samahan ay lumipat sa NILO o Newly Integrated Ladies Association bunsod ng ilang di pagkakaunawaan sa pagitan ng samahang AGLA at ni ACG. Habang papalapit ang halalan, gaya ng nabanggit ko, unti-unting umugong ang balita patungkol sa pagbaligtad ng ilang dating supporters ni ACG. Ayon sa Leyble mismo, 12 out of 16 Punong baranggay at 14 out of 16 na konsehal naman ang umanoy nagpahayag ng suporta sa kanya. Hindi pa kabilang dito ang majority ng transport, business at religious groups.

Hindi ko alam ang naging pulso ng Antipolenyo hinggil sa ibat-ibang kwento na umikot sa kapitolyo ng Antipolo. Wala akong kumpletong detalye sa buong istorya kung bakit naiba ang ihip ng hangin. May nakapagsabi din na si ACG umano ay naging bahagi ng ilegal na droga, isang uri ng kwento na hindi ko mahanapan ng basehan. At nalaman ko rin ang isyu tungkol sa malaking halaga na inutang ng administrasyong Sumulong upang makapagpagawa ng mga eskwelahan, hospital, sports center, housing projects at pagpapasaayos ng munisipyo. Kasama sa pangungutang na ito si ACG nang siya ay maluklok bilang Congressman ng 2nd District. Humigit kumulang 1 bilyon ang naiwang utang ng bayan ng Antipolo ng humalili na sa pwesto bilang alkalde si Leyble. At hanggang sa panahong ito, for the record ay hindi pa naman nagdagdagan ang utang na iyon bunsod na rin sa hangarin ni Leyble na bayaran muna ang mga naiwang utang ng naunang administrasyon (Administrasyong Sumulong).

Hindi ko naman layunin sa puntong ito na alamin kung sino ang mas nakabubuting lider ng aking bayan. Marahil gusto ko lang kilalanin sa usaping pulitikal ang mga bagay na naganap sa panahon na namulat ako sa pagbabago ng Antipolo. Gayun din naman, kasabay ng pagbabago ang pagdating ng mga bagong kwento, bagong opinyon at mga bagong desiyon. Nakakalungkot isipin na nawalan ako ng pagkakataong bumoto. Pero sapat narin kahit papaano ang maimpluwensiyahan mo ibang tao upang sila ay makagawa ng tamang desisyon, anu mang desiyon iyon.

Miyerkules, May 12 idineklara ng local COMELEC si Danilo Leyble bilang lihitimong Mayor ng Antipolo City at si Susan Say bilang Vice Mayor. 
*special thanks to Antipolo Star